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Our Flow
Our company has perfect service flow and profession Computer Management System. We can control all plows in the CMS.

Our full-time message administrators building and manage our web site, put advertisements, submit selling offers at some B2B web sites. And all replies and buying offers will be transfer to our sales man at the first time by CMS.

Then the sales man will contact our clients in the same day. All the customer’s requests, drawings and information will be input to CMS and transfer to Accommodate Department.

Accommodate Dept. also will calculate the price and transfer it to salesman within 2 work day. Accommodate Department will arrange produce and follow the produce flow, assistance quality control as soon as we received order. And they also finally inspection and confirm the quality, packing cargos and delivering cargos once we finish the order.

The document clerk also will prepare the whole set shipping documents and all other documents request by salesman. Sales men will express it if the T/T payment term. Financial men will hand it up to our bank if the payment term is D/P or L/C. We will notice the DHL B/L No. for customer checking.

We will appoint other salesmen serve the guests when the sales man is traveling on business or in general holiday. All the original data will temporary accredit to the new salesman.

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