Heavy Equipment Part
  Track link bolt & Nut
  Plow bolt & Nut
  Segment Bolt & Nut
  Hex Bolt
 Track Pin/Track Bushing
 Other Undercarriage Part
Auto Part
 Wheel/Hub Bolt Assy
 U Bolt
 King Pin Kits
Other Part
 Differential Gear
 Flanges&Abnormal fitting
 Hex Nut & Flange Nut
There is no problem of quality level control all of our products are 10.9  high strength fastener. Only one kind of materials can help us decrease costs of purchase and costs of stock management. We also offer the product of 8.8 grade. But it is purchased outside and we think it is limited of competitive superiority expect our good service.

We can supply many kinds of surface treatment, Include dacromet and trivalent zinc plating, which with RoHS compliant. At the meantime, we offer surface treatment in black oxide, phosphate , eletrophoresis and so on.

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